Keep the LCD experience delightful for all.

House Rules – Studio A

ARRIVAL TIME ♦ Please arrive 5 minutes before class begins to ensure time for setup and presence for warmup.

CELL PHONES ♦ Dare to leave your cell phone behind. After all, this is YOU time. If you must use your phone, please politely remove yourself from class.

SOCIAL MEDIA ♦ Please DO check in @livecycledelight and tag us in a photo, but please DON’T do it while class is in session.

CHATTER ♦ Reserve conversations for before and after—not during—class. Even soft whispers can be distracting, not only for classmates, but for the instructor as well.

DELIGHT ♦ Treat your classmates and the front desk team the way you would like to be treated.

FOOTWEAR ♦ Indoor shoes (shoes that are not worn outdoors) are preferred. Outdoor shoes must be wiped off before entering class.

House Rules – Studio B

ARRIVAL TIME ♦ Please arrive 5 minutes before class begins to allow time for bike setup. Tardiness is disruptive to the instructor and fellow riders.  

CELL PHONES ♦ Texting and riding ain’t cool. If you must use your phone, safely remove yourself from your bike and step outside.

CHATTER ♦ The music is loud; don’t try to talk over it. Save your conversations for later, but feel free to let out a Whoop! Whoop! now and again if you’re feelin’ it. Cheering on fellow riders is acceptable; continuous banter is not permitted.

TEAM PLAYER ♦ We encourage you to RIDE WITH US. If you want to do your own thing, please take a bike in the back.

CLEANLINESS ♦ Practice good personal hygiene so your neighbor doesn’t have to suffer. Be a pal and wipe down your bike for the next rider.

FOOTWEAR ♦ For your safety and comfort, closed-toe athletic shoes are required; cycling shoes are preferred.