Add Some Bells to Your BOSU® Workout!

It’s October and the leaves are beginning to change , so lets try something new by adding some bells to our BOSU. Kettlebells that is.

Training with Kettlebells increases athletic power, builds definition, and is a great way to tighten and tone your core. Training with Kettlebells on a BOSU® amps things up to a whole new level, incorporating a major balance challenge and working both small and large muscle groups. I mean really working them!

So grab some Kettlebells, your BOSU® and a mat and let’s get going! And …just because you can, take this workout outside to turn up the heat even more!

Double Up Your Row

Begin standing on the dome side of the BOSU® with a Kettlebell in each hand. Hinge at the hips, keeping back flat and abs pulled in. Row the Kettlebell up and back down on the right side, following with the left side, following with both sides at the same time. Do this series ten times.

Hop Over

Start standing to the left side of your BOSU®, with your right foot in the center of the dome and one Kettlebell within reach in front of you. Reaching with your right hand, grasp the Kettlebell, then “hop” laterally over the BOSU® dipping the Kettlebell down to lightly tap the ground, and hop back across to the other side, tapping the ground on that side as well. Repeat this ten times.

Single Arm Squat Press

Stand to the right of your BOSU®with your left foot in the center of the dome, holding the Kettlebell in your right hand at your shoulder. Squat down, and upon rising, push the kettlebell straight up, extending your arm fully, while briefly coming to a standing position with both feet on the dome. Return your right foot to the ground as you squat again, repeating this ten times. Move to left side of your B BOSU®, and do ten reps with your right foot on the dome, using your left arm to press the Kettlebell.

BOSU® Hip Hinge 

Begin standing with your right foot centered on the dome, left toe slightly touching the dome for balance like a kickstand, holding one Kettlebell in both hands. Keeping the Kettlebell close to your chest, hinge at the hip, allowing your left leg to raise as you hinge. Do this five times, then repeat for five more on the opposite side.

Double BOSU® Squat

NOTE: if you only have one BOSU®, you can do this exercise – modifying so that both feet are on the dome of one BOSU®

Start standing with your feet on the dome (s), holding a heavy Kettlebell in both hands at your chest. Drop straight down into a squat, pause briefly, and slowly rise to standing, squeezing your glutes the entire time. Repeat ten times. 

Rest for three minutes and run through the full routine again from the top!

Amina DanielsComment