The Enormous Benefits of Cycling Shoes

If you have been hitting the Live Cycle Delight spin classes without cycling shoes, you don’t know what you are missing. Once you start wearing them, you’ll work more muscle groups, get a better workout, cycle better, and ultimately, you’ll never want to go back.

In short, cycling shoes enable you to pedal more efficiently and gain more power and control with less fatigue. What’s not to like about that?

Let’s take a look at how it works:

The Shoes…

Cycling shoes have stiff soles and rigid uppers which enable you to transfer power to the pedals. They are usually made from mesh or breathable material so air circulates through vents to keep your feet cool versus normal fitness shoes. They also provide extra support for your feet, prevent slipping and give you more confidence.


A Better Workout Engaging More Muscle Groups

Clipping in gives you a seamless transfer of energy from your leg to the to the pedal to the bike. It lets you pull up on the upstroke and push down on the downstroke, creating a smooth and constant application of force through each rotation for more power and less fatigue. It also engages more muscle groups for a better, more efficient workout.

 When you are not clipped in, your main application of energy comes from pushing down, which activates your quadriceps. This is great, but what about the rest of your lower body muscles? When you clip in, the upstroke works your glutes and hamstrings as well, giving you a more balanced, total body workout.


A Better Ride

 Think about the last time you were in a class focused on RPM’s. Did you find it difficult to get up to 120…130? Cycling shoes make it easier. Again, since you are able to create force throughout the entire pedal rotation, you have twice as much power to get the RPM’s up, and to get generate more strength for those climbs!

 The only way to achieve this with the toe straps is to snug them dangerously tight, and even then, you won't have as smooth and steady a cadence as with cycle shoes.

No Slipping and Better Alignment

When clipping in and out becomes second nature, you’ll notice that you won’t have to concentrate on keeping your feet in place as you pedal. Instead, your focus will shift to alignment and power generation, which means a better ride. You’ll also have more confidence because it eliminates any slipping on the pedals.

At Live Cycle Delight we want you to achieve great levels of success in all of your workouts, while being safe and also efficient with your time. Tap into your better with cycling shoes in your next spin class and you’ll soon be a believer!

Amina DanielsComment