There's Always Time for TRX!

When it comes to functional training and a total body workout, you can never get enough TRX!

Here are six more of my favorites, designed to work the upper body, lower body and core so you get a full workout… fast!

Do each exercise for one minute, then switch to the next. Take a two-minute break, and go through the exercises a second time for a full body burner!


Single Arm Row:

Stand with your body in a plank position (do NOT let that booty stick out!). Hold the strap handles in your right hand, arm straight out, body at a 15 – 20 degree angle. Holding your left hand straight out in front of you, and keeping your body aligned in the plank, slowly pull yourself forward, and slowly release yourself back. Repeat with the Right Arm.

Bicep Curl

Lay on the floor under the straps, legs bent, feet on the floor as if you are going to do a sit up. Holding the straps one in each hand, slowly pull yourself up using your biceps. Slowly lower down.


TRX Squat

Stand facing the anchor point of the TRX, with your arms straight up overhead to form a Y, one hand in each strap. Slowly lower into a squat position, keeping hands straight overhead.

Booty Burner

Lay on a mat on your back, one ankle in each strap, arms straight down by sides, palms on the floor. Lift your pelvis so that your body is straight, butt off the floor. Slowly bend your knees and pull your legs in, slowly return to start, keeping your body aligned.  


Plank Splits

Start with the top of each foot in each strap, hands on floor in a plank position, facing the floor. Simultaneously push your legs out to your sides forming a large V with your lower body. Bring them back together. 

Plank Razor

Start with the top of each foot in each strap, hands on floor in a plank position, facing the floor. Keeping your body aligned in the plank, slowly shift your weight/body forward 4 – 6 inches, and then return to the starting position. This is a small movement, but you will definitely feel it!

Remember to reward yourself with some total body stretches and a take a few moments to relax and just breath. Stay tuned for more TRX workouts coming soon!


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