6 Essential Stretches for Those Who Spin!


I’m constantly proud and amazed at how many of you have become champions in the Spin Room – torching calories and workin’ it out daily and weekly with us!

The key is, when you walk out of the spin class, you should treat your body to some well-deserved stretches. The position required of your frame as you sit in the saddle to spin can be hard on your back and hips over time. To keep your muscles limber and conditioned, you need to work those muscle groups in opposing directions. This not only feels amazing, but will help you to avoid injury … and rock it out in the next spin class!

Here are my 6 favorites. These exercises are available to you any time you need to open up your hips, shoulders, back and entire body. Grab a mat, or your living room rug, and let’s do this together!

Perform each stretch 3 – 4 times … whatever feels right to you!

Total Hip Opener

Standing, reach back with your right hand and hold onto your right ankle. Take a high wave with your left hand, then slowly hinge forward, left hand reaching out front, and pulling slightly with your right arm on your right leg to remain balanced and feel a nice stretch. Lower. Repeat on the other side.

Rock It Out

Stand with feet very far apart, hands in prayer position at your chest – start to rock your hips back and forth to each side, and as you limber up, push your glutes out and extend those hips farther to each side, slowly rocking your body to the right then the left, getting into a deeper stretch each time. Take hands to the floor if comfortable. Go as deep as feels right.

Cat Cow

Come to tabletop position, round back and drop your head toward floor, then slowly reverse the stretch by arching your back and raising your head and gaze toward the ceiling.


Lay on your mat or the floor on your stomach. Bring your forearms to the floor and hands palm-side down flat on the floor. Raise your head, shoulders and upper back off of the floor by arching your upper back (keep your midsection on the floor). Gaze forward. Hold. Lower and repeat.

Lying Spinal Twist

Lay on your back on the floor with your arms straight out at your sides in a T. Bring your knees toward your chest in a 90 degree angle, then, keeping legs together and at that 90 degree angle, lower them down to the left, and slowly bring them back up and down to the right. Continue this motion, feeling a stretch in your lower spine.

Seated Side Stretch

Sit on floor with crossed legs. Place your right palm flat on the floor beside you, and raise your left arm high to the sky, feeling a stretch across the entire side of your body. Release and switch sides.

Ahhhhh – now doesn’t that feel good? Can’t wait to see you soon in spin class!



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