We've Partnered with BOSU!


Hey Live Cycle Delight Members – Have We Got Something For You!

You’ve been working hard and diligently coming to class to tap into your better. That deserves a reward… in the form of more workouts, of course!

We’ve heard your requests for creative and quick workouts that can be done at home, to supplement the sweat sessions you have at the studio… and we’re giving them to you!  And what’s more, we’ve partnered with Hedstrom Fitness (www.hedstromfitness.com) to give you a great discount on their fun products for even more incentive!

You’ve probably used the BOSU® Balance Trainer, The SURGE and Kamagon® Ball in our functional fitness classes. NOW you can purchase them for your home at 10% off and FREE shipping, through your affiliation with Live Cycle Delight! Simply use the code “Amina18” with your online purchase. How’s that for awesome??

Check out www.livecycledelight often for these at-home workouts (found in this Blog section)! We’ll also periodically email them out.


The Kamagon® Ball was designed to bridge the gap in functional fitness training. It can be filled with water to the weight you desire, so it’s accessible to all fitness levels. Due to the destabilized and shifting weight of the water within the ball, it does more than simply train a group of muscles; it also teaches you how to use your body in the most effective and efficient manner. This is a key to strength, speed, and overall fitness.

The SURGE® is a specialized training device that also utilizes fluid to create a "dynamic" form of resistance. This forces the user to challenge both traditional exercises, as well as sport and activity specific movement patterns. As a result, this training apparatus provides a very unique challenge to the joints and stabilizing structures to resist and control the unpredictable nature of the shifting water within this device.

Whether you are looking to tone and strengthen, improve core strength, lose weight, or simply get healthy and fit; the BOSU® Balance Trainer is easy to use, fun, and effective.  Any exercise performed on the ground may be moved onto the BOSU® Balance Trainer to amplify the challenge and increase results.  Use the BOSU® Balance Trainer, dome or platform side down...the options and exercise progressions are endless, and help to enhance mobility, strength, balance, and overall fitness levels.  Anybody can use it, regardless of age or fitness level.

You can find even more products at www.hedstromfitness.com as well – all at 10% off and free shipping.