National Bike Month

Greetings all! Live Cycle Delight’s blog has been on an unexpected hiatus. With folks moving across the country, preparing for summer rides, and a brick & mortar building, we have had our hands (and feet) full. But we’re back and just in time for National Bike Month! National Bike Month was established in 1965 with the expressed purpose of showcasing the many benefits of cycling. We at Live Cycle Delight are glad to join in celebrating this national holiday dedicated to our favorite pastime – cycling. In addition to celebrating the entire month, remember that May 16th-20th is Bike to Work Week and will culminate on Friday with Bike to Work Day. So, dust off those helmets, lube those chains, stretch and peddle your way to the office, the factory, the construction zone or classroom.

Live Cycle Delight is celebrating National Bike Month in our own way - with communal rides throughout Motor City. Join us every Wednesday as we depart from Capitol Park at 6:30pm. And don’t forget to bring a helmet. :)

Willie WrightComment