breaking the fast

Lent has come to a close, what  did you give up? Were you successful? Were there any cheat days? Are you looking to keep any new habits? If yes, share. You gotta know what you are missing or not missing.

I gave up bread, cheese, and coffee,  I broke my lenten fast with a greek salad and a side of bread from the best vegetarian restaurant in Michigan,  Inn Season. The gluten in bread makes the belly talk, and not in the good kind of talking. I am looking to monitor my bread and coffee intake post lent. It is an interesting science project to see how the body reacts when we remove specific frequent staples from our normal diet.

Since lent has come to a close, I have not eased my way into bread, I went deep sea diving to see if I was missing bagels, nah.. bread with my soup, nah.. falafel sandwich was oh so good but after eating that beloved bread, the following takes overs.

About 30 minutes after, more like 15minutes after the eating bread since breaking the fast that is, it starts, then the bulge has takes over, the stomach cramps start happening as I gradually expand.  I am starting to think that my beloved bread will  get weeded out in the name of digestion. 

Amina DanielsComment